Aims & Objectives

  • Develop creativity and nurture aesthetic sensitivity;
  • Further develop students' musical competence;
  • Construct knowledge and understanding of diverse music cultures;
  • Develop critical responses to music, and communicate effectively through music; 
  • Build a foundation for pursuing further studies in music and preparing for careers in music and related areas; and
  • Cultivate a lifelong interest in music and develop positive values and attitudes towards music.

Department Members

Department Head

Mr. Ng MF

Curriculum (Junior Form)

  • Ability to read a music score
  • Sightsinging Technique
  • Music score notation
  • Basic music history
  • Cantonese lyrics writing
  • Concert flyer design
  • Vocal Music
  • Instrumental Music
  • Performing and Theatre
  • Art Administration
  • Ensemble Performance


2018 Music and Dance Night

The Dance Team, Senior Choir, Junior Choir, Wind Band, Orchestra and the Woodwind Ensemble performed on 16th July 2018, with the Choir, Wind Band and Orchestra from Wa Ying College.

2018 Taipei International Choral Competition

Our choir members took part in the 3 categories of the competitions and obtained 3 Silver Awards in the 1st Taipei International Choral Competition from 31/7/2018 to 4/8/2018.

Choir Concert with the British School in Tokyo

The choir from the British School in Tokyo came to Hong Kong and performed a joint choir concert with our Senior Choirs on 1st July, 2018 at Chai Wan Y-Square

HKSKH 20th Anniversary Celebration Concert

Our choir and several Orchestra students were invited to perform at the HKSKH 20th Anniversary Celebration Concert

String Quartet Masterclass

Our String Quartet was invited by Le French May and the EDB to participate in a String Quartet Masterclass taught by Quatuor Zaide in May 2018

Hong Kong Inter-School Choral Festival

The Senior Girls’ Choir obtained a Gold Award from the Hong Kong Inter-School Choral Festival.